About as Likely as the Answer Being "Yes"

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Small Victory

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You Can Be Anything You Want

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I'll Trust That One Other Dentist, Thanks...

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Fair Trade, Right?

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And They Lived Happily Ever After

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Just Pullin' Your Leg

A Failbook Guide to Trolling doctor image prank - 4826621440
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The Hyppocratic Poke

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Doctor's Orders, You're a Wuss

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The Magical Disappearing Butt-Scope

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Spelling Saves Lives

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A quick Tumblr post highlights how forgetful human beings can be | andhumanslovedstories started using Head and Shoulders ten years ago itchy scalp and dandruff, and then ten years have not had itchy scalp and dandruff, so thought "why do still buy shampoo combat itchy scalp and dandruff do not have itchy scalp and dandruff so stopped buying shampoo itchy scalp and dandruff and can guess have now? Can predict currently afflicts s alright if can't because apparently fuckin couldn't either

Quick Tumblr Post On Humans' Willful Ignorance

We all can get so horribly forgetful.
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We've Ruled Out Anthrax

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You Didn't Like it You Monster!

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Close Enough

Close Enough doctor professor - 5521611776
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If Condition Lasts Longer Than Four Hours, Push Them Out of Your Chair

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