Don't Worry! They Only Exist if You Believe!

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By Ariellastray

Know Your Disney Channel

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By Ginger

Don't Even Think About Wishing Upon a Star

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By Tiffany
Disney park former employees share stories

11 Former Disney Park Employees Dish Out Their Darkest-Humored NSFW Stories

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The Truth Behind Scar's Name

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Bear Necessities

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By butabi7293

One of These Two People Is Not a Romantic

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By Unknown

Yep, I'd Pay to See It

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By olivia.crooks.18
donald trump uses frozen against hillary clinton

Trump's Campaign Uses 'Frozen' to Defend Controversial Tweet and Hillary Can't Let It Go

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Lose Me Once, Shame on You ...

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By laminatedcat1
the little mermaid lawyer

The Real Moral of 'The Little Mermaid' Is That Everyone Needs a Good Lawyer

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Ariel: The Little Hoarder

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By Unknown

You're Guilty Too, Disney

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By Unknown

Some Don't Appreciate the Musical Stylings of Mr. Soulja

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donald trump is a character from disney's robin hood cartoon

Is Donald Trump Actually Prince John From Disney's 1973 Robin Hood Movie

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Darth Vader vs. Sephiroth

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By StarsHallelujah
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