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What's Worse Than All Your Selfie Obsessed Friends? Selfie Obsessed Disney Characters

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Snow White Photography

disney puns witty comebacks - 4426740736
Created by Nirali

Don't Kill Yourself...

disney pocahontas your friends are jerks - 5042461952
Created by offyerrocker88

You're Guilty Too, Disney

disney the notebook pr0n - 6763867904
Created by Unknown

Don't Worry! They Only Exist if You Believe!

mermaids The Little Mermaid evolution disney - 6628115200
Created by Ariellastray

Too Soon?

the lion king disney mufasa simba - 6946624256
Created by Kayla

Ariel: The Little Hoarder

disney The Little Mermaid witty reply - 4822640640
Created by Unknown


plz no sexy times bad idea disney illegal pedobear teens - 3408722688
Created by Unknown

The Princesses of Snapchat

Via Acid Cow

Disney Princesses

cancer disney oh snap - 5498898176
Created by Sarah
Sad disney movies reactions pixar - 1175557

Gritty Cars 3 Trailer Debuts and Everyone On Twitter Is Crying Their Eyes Out Right Now

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Darth Vader vs. Sephiroth

disney star wars darth vader - 6721868800
Created by StarsHallelujah

Know Your Disney Channel

disney - 5141103872
Created by Ginger

Learn Your Disney Movies!

disney star wars movies - 7168835328
Created by Unknown

I See There Are Butthurt Gamer Dudes in Here...

disney Fan Art fedora aladdin video games - 8063249408
Created by Unknown

Did They Send Me Daughters When I Asked for Puns?

comment thread disney lyrics frozen mulan failbook - 8158898432
Created by Yo_Momma
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