Paging Dr. Obvious

captain obvious diet poop - 4648665344
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Gimme a W! Gimme a T! Gimme an F!

wtf diet - 6684124928
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Vegan, But Without All That Vegan Crap

diet girlfriend vegan - 8049387008
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We've Got to Stop With These Fad Diets

diet food kids these days failbook - 8227151872
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We've Reached Emergency Diet Conditions!

911 diet fast food - 8501527040
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This Starts Off Health-Crazy, Then Just Goes to Normal Crazy

conspiracy diet health - 8240705536
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It's the Perfect Diet Food!

diet chicken calories - 7765148928
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parodying fitness instagram models

If You're Full of All the #EatClean Posts on Instagram, This is the Break Your Feed Needs

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Before And After diet you asked for it - 3640479488
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cause and effect diet make your own fail - 3725876224
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In a Sick and Twisted Place

diet sick soda - 6249999616
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Meatatarians Have to Eat Too!

vegetarians vegans diet - 6639367168
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The Poodle Diet

diet food Walmart - 6455170560
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Look at Me! I'm Doing a Thing!

diet drama social media - 8749331456
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We're All Going to Hell for Laughing at This

ouch diet burn failbook - 8398374144
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The Perils of Going on a Diet

diet whoops food - 8290224128
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