Put Those Tweets on Ice

twitter design facepalm fridge failbook - 8267671552
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Don't Ask Them What a Tuba Looks Like

Music design pool - 8303373312
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One iPhone, Slightly Used, Minor Cuts

design phone broken - 8291899392
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Thanks for the Clarification, We Were Worried!

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Hillary Clinton's Tour Bus Takes Advantage of Her Internet Notoriety

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design parody texting hat Video - 70341377

Finally, a Way to Pretend to be Social While Texting

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We've Come Full Circle: This is a Phone Wallpaper... of a Broken Phone Screen.

design phone broken failbook g rated - 8295288320
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"Father, Why Have They Forsaken M- Oh Hellloooo There"

jesus fap design tattoos - 8380951040
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design facebook Video - 70632961

What Would Facebook Look Like if it Didn't Have All the Stuff We Hated?

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Art of the Day: NYC Street Artist Painted a Portrait of Mark Zuckerberg Using His Own Feces

art gross design failbook - 8427466496
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Never Trust a Handsome-Looking Auction Page

twitter design knockoff failbook g rated - 8209146880
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Get on This, Science!

shut up and take my money design selfie - 8415668992
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Would You Wear Social Media Kicks?

facebook design shoes twitter - 8314996992
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The Future is Passive-Aggressive Watches

apple watch design watch failbook g rated - 8375579136
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Lazy Genius

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Nobody Will even Know You Just Use Your iPad to Look at Cat Photos With This Case

reading is sexy ipad design books - 8374849280
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