Just a Thought: Please Don't Share Your Thoughts Again

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This Defense of Kim Kardashian's Butt is the Best Critique of Viral Videos

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Really Puts Things into Perspective, Man

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I Beg You to Clarify That Statement

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So Inspiring!

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Great, Now We're All Dumber for Reading This

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Police! Arrest This Berg!

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This Pedicure is Just too Deep for Me

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This One Has a Head Full of Sky, if You Catch My Drift

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Hang On, Need to Scoop My Brain Up Off the Floor

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A College Freshman is Totally Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe Here, Guys

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We Were Dead the Whole Time

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Chris Evans Moonlights as Your 50-Year-Old Relatives on Social Media

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Like If You Agree

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We're Getting really Emotional in This Chat

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