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These Tweets Just Prove That a Sing-Off Presidential Debate Would Be a Hell of a Lot More Entertaining

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what is garfield's gender

Doubts Over Garfield's Gender Ends Up Igniting Extremely Passionate Twitter War

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Ignorant People, Perfect Response

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Created by ameliagillis
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Dude Complains to Tesco About Women Shopping In Pajamas, Ends Up Triggering Ferocious Online Debate

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Now, Now, Wait Your Turn!

barack obama Mitt Romney presidential debate debate election 2012 election - 6681370368

Sense When?

debate election 2012 Mitt Romney Romney obama barack obama - 6697040384
pizza gross debate food - 1870853

Internet's Caught Up In Heated Debate Over Peeps on Pizza After Crazy Dude Shares Disgusting Picture

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The Best and the Worst of Last Night's First 2016 Presidential Debate

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It's Conversations Like This That Prove We Have a Long Way to Go as a Species

men vs women debate please stop - 8094029568
twitter debate food cookies - 1645317

The Great Grocery Store Cookie Debate of 2017 Is the Twitter War We Deserve

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From the Creators of 'Two and a Half Men,' Introducing 'Two Men in One!'

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Created by Voter2012

We'll Put This Argument to Bed With Harry Potter!

religion Harry Potter debate failbook g rated - 8228726784

I Have Friends Who Can Make That Wish Come True...

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Created by howlee
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Everything You May Have Missed From Last Night's Debate

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I Would Laugh, but the Botox Killed All My Facial Muscles

beauty celeb debate - 8094944512

These Are Fairly One-Sided Issues

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