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Here Comes the Nightmares, Thanks Dad!

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Jimmy Fallon Got Help from Twitter to Collect the Best #DadQuotes

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Dads Are the Elephants of Dumb Jokes: They Never Forget

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funniest dad tweets of the week | thumbnail Text - Richard Dean @dad_on_my_feet 50% of parenting a toddler is deciding if the object they're about to break is worth getting up off the couch 7:41 PM Oct 27, 2020 · Twitter Web App 163 Retweets 15 Quote Tweets 969 Likes >

Funniest Dad Tweets Of The Week (November 3, 2020)

The funny dads of Twitter
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Dad Doesn't Really Understands Memes, but Let Him Do His Thing

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funniest dad tweets of the week - Text - Simon Holland @simoncholland Why would I pay for a haunted house when I can wake up to my kid silently standing by my bed at 5 AM.

Funniest Dad Tweets Of The Week

The funny dads of Twitter
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Proof That Single-Mom's Can Do it All

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Dad Humor Has Reached its Zenith

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"We found an Apple with space for two USB devices!"

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Not Now, Dad

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Thanks, Dad

Text - almost finished my first model kit! its only taken 6 or so years 14 minutes ago Like Comment like this. and Dad Well the box recommends 6-12 years doesn't it? You're doing great 13 minutes ago Like 1 person

The Reason We Don't Want Your Dad on Twitter

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Getting the One-Up on Dad Humor

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Dad Picked Up the Split With That Joke

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Dad Will Be Here All Week Folks, Try the Veal!

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20 Dad Jokes That Are Hilarious To All Ages

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