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This Dude's Facebook Complaint to Tesco Is the Best Thing on the Internet

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funny boss pops out glass eye to deal with annoying customer | Posted by u/Winiri 10 hours ago 2 O 6 20 3 20 9 E 12 My Boss Scared Off Rude Customers by Literally Taking Closer Look oc M used work at store, run by woman named Irene. She would buy vintage and high end items, repair them, and then sell them store didn't have multiple sizes things and only bulk items bought were little trinkets and soaps, sometimes jewelry.

Boss Uses Eye Gag to Remove Problem Customers

Now that's some stellar management.
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strange customers seen by drive-thru employees | MomoPeachBear 15.1k points 14 hours ago 3 Only worked drive-through year but weirdest thing saw an alpaca minivan. They asked at window if they could order some apple slices alpaca just gave them two packs on house.

The Weirdest Things Drive-Thru Employees Saw

Customers are strange.
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Uber drivers share what led them to give passengers on AskReddit 1/5 star ratings.

33 Uber Passengers Share What Drove Them To Give Their Drivers 1/5 Star Ratings

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That's the Sound of Your Headphones Rebelling Against You

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This is Why People Hate Working in the Service Industry

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These Ridiculous Customer Complaints and Responses Will Put a Smile On Your Face

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UGH, They Never Take Refunds do They?

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Finding a Worm in a Salad Quickly Escalated into a Customer Service Story of Excellence

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A restaurant owner completely squashes a fake bad review | Hi L an here, one an appreciate have taken time leave this review experience Bull yesterday but would like point out few issues with critique experience conveniently omitted owners review.

Choosing Beggar Leaves Fake Bad Review, Restaurant Owner Responds

Beautifully handled.
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"We Hope That Helps" is the Customer Service That Facebook Pages Need

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This Guy is on a Mission, and UPS Customer Service Wants to Help

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Birthday Boy

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Bro Award Nominee

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Customer Service? In New York? Get Outta Here!

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When Customer Service Turns Into a Duet, Something Special is Happening

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