No, Not You, the Other One

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Great Now Everything Is Awkward

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And That's Why You Should Always Keep Your Phone On Silent

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The First Documented Case of "Can't Even"

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He Finally Said "Hey"!

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Your Note Game is Probably Better Than This

Your Note Game is Probably Better Than This
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Things Are Getting Pretty Serious

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Things Get Awkward When a Facebook Account Is Compromised and One "Friend" Tries Asking His Friend's Crush out

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Forgetting is Easier Than You Think

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The New Rite-of-Passage is Laughing at Your High School Crush's Significant Other Online

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It's Pretty Cool, I Guess

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Quickly, Form the International Council of Relationship Advice!

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Funny and cringey twitter thread about a guy who wrote titanic 2, dan dockery.

Rollercoaster Twitter Thread Is An Epic Tale Of Love, Fanfiction, and Rejection

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Know Your Limits in LIfe

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