Girl on Tinder goes psycho on a guy

Guy's Psycho Tinder Match Makes Crazy Look Sane

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The Most Cringe-Worthy Way to Make Friends

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The dumbest things that people have ever heard. | tocanofd 9h S 1 Award sat next girl bio who got 40% on our first test. She seemed quite pleased and said now she only needed get 40% again have an average 80 O Reply 1 222

Dumbest Things People Have Ever Heard

The cluelessness is strong with these ones.
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It's Cool, We Speak in Old Jokes too

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By All Means, Continue With the Awkwardly Terrible Flirting

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That Cringe-Worthy Karma

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Looking for That Special Someone in the Dirty Part of the Newspaper

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Funny tweets that perfectly spotlight the perils of online shopping.

12 Funny Tweets That Perfectly Show The Hilarious Perils Of Online Shopping

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10 Times Tinder Was The Morally Confused Wild West Of The Dating World

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A collection of painfully obnoxious humble brags.

Obnoxious Humble Brags From Righteous Folks

It must be hard to be so good.
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Don't Laugh, My Dad Died of That

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Girl live-tweets extremely entertaining and awkward date with old man she meets through OkCupid Dating Service.

Girl Live Tweets Cringe-Soaked Date With Old Man She Met On OkCupid

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Ridiculous entitled people and their absurd demands. | Hi want get my lashes done with but just wanted say first don't want talk during appointment due fact clearly do not like as person just like work and work only need an appointment tomorrow morning put down 10 AM | ate here first time tonight brisket probably best ever had but found an entire LEAF my baked beans cannot make this up So glad enjoyed brisket guessing never seen bay leaves food before? If see them future can rest assured is sign

Entitled People With Their Childish Demands

It never stops.
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A collection of the dumbest things that people said in all seriousness. | AngryOrca1 There is no proof earth is round Reply

Dumbest Things People Have Said In All Seriousness

Oh, man, buckle up.
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A hotel guest refuses to be reasonable with the checkout time, and eventually gets kicked out | r/TalesFromTheFrontDesk u/PoisonRainbows 2y Join 1 Can get 4pm checkout says dude paying $69 on sold out, hectic weekend. Long guest (BG) calls down at 8am and says requested late checkout and wanted make sure went through" Weird, because 1) there's nothing noted on reservation, 2 were sold out and not offering late checkouts, and 3) they were paying $69 their room sorry but

Hotel Guest Refuses To Be Reasonable, Gets Kicked Out

Good riddance, indeed.
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Woman live-tweets lengthy epic account of enraged lady breaking up with cheating boyfriend.

Woman Live-Tweets Epic Saga of Lady Brutally Breaking Up With Her Cheating Boyfriend

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