rare moments that go against the odds | My cat went missing 2 days, so put an advert on Facebook. Literally 5 mins after my cat comes door. 30 mins later, my neighbour comes and drops off he thought my cat. Now have two identical cats. | pole going through a car window and barely missing the driver

Rare And Well-Timed Moments That Went Against The Odds

Roll those dice.
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I Pronounce You Both Crazy

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Open Your Eyes And Your Crystal Energies, People!

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Tumblr thread on customers crazy coffee orders | say this jokingly but had customer actually order pumpkin spice latte with 9 shots espresso (also no whip) and asked her verify she did indeed want 9 shots espresso she looked dead eyes and said have 5 kids" witchcraft-with-space-bean once had woman come and ordered an Americano with 19 shots espresso drink took ages held up line asked

Tumblr Thread: Customers' Mythically Powerful Coffee Orders

It's some kind of monster.
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christian sister refuses to take part in atheist brother's wedding

Guy Texts His Crazy Christian Sister That He's Getting Married and Brings Out the Real Devil In Her

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TSA Twitter account shares pictures and stories of some of their craziest discoveries.

26 Crazy Things That Have Been Confiscated By the TSA

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There's a Good Chance That 90% of People Who Post on Corporate Facebook Pages Are TOTALLY NUTS

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unlikely and weird stories | visions1013 14 hours ago saw bird unscrew lightbulb once.

People's "No One is Gonna Believe This" Moments

Well alright then.
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customer service crazy facebook social media ridiculous - 1976581

Ohio Based RadioShack is Going Insane on Customers on Facebook: "We're Closed. F*ck All of You"

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Scarred For Life

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crazy ex

This Insane Douchnozzle's Been Sending Same Rage Text to His Ex-Girlfriend Every Day for 3 YEARS

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warning signs that are weird and scary | STATE LAW STOP PEDESTRIANS CROSSWALK POSITIVE RABIES ALERT NOTICE | WARNING Stay off fountain, Fire feature center will start without notice.

Creepy Warning Signs That Mean Serious Business

Thanks, signs.
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Spank You Very Much

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As Long As You Know...

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florida man woman headlines

32 Of The Craziest 'Florida Headlines' Of The Year (So Far)

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This is Getting too Literary for Me

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