Wait, Really? Then What About Europe?

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Geology is the Study of Land Features?

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Vacation: It Isn't Just for Smart People

Hawaii america geography countries vacation - 4980613888
By Siegfried

Czech Your Fridge for Turkey

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Erth is My Favorite Country

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Hawaii is a Planet, That's Just Simple Geometry

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Right Next to the Republic of Beverly Hills

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By kerrkerr

No Hope for Humanity

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False, False, False, And False!

false facts Statistics planets solar system universe countries - 6677270784
By CPUOverclocker64
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17 People Who Need a Geography Lesson

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PUNtries of the World

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By Johnface


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By Unknown

This is Our Generation in a Nutshell

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By thenfe

Deutschland, the Land of the Dutch

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By DBCoop


countries good friends puns The Spelling Wizard - 3531716864
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