Poor Dylan

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I Don't Want to Be the One to Tell You This, But Your Boyfriend Was a Woman

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By muppetpuppet

Statistically Hosed

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By Unknown

Dat Song

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By b.raaad

Raising Awareness on Facebook

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By traceybelle


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By Unknown

Copypasta of the Week

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By Jordan


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By Unknown

"Not Bad"

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The Answers are Right in Front of You

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By krimsonandclover

Appreciation and Memory

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By Victorio

Age: Just a Number?

age copypasta jail oh snap witty reply - 5226846976
By Hannah George

When You Were Seven

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By Unknown

Fact Check: New Trend at Dog Parks

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By Unknown


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By Unknown

Anti-Joke Chicken Strikes Again

anti joke chicken copypasta witty reply - 5186099200
By Grahambert
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