Well, There Goes One School Down the Drain

twitter school probably fake college - 8060769024
By Unknown

Well This Isn't Awkward at All...

making out lesbians Awkward kissing party hard college - 4897841664
By brody_cox
drinking mexico grandma spring break college - 1732869

Grandma Slamming Shots With Sexy Coeds On Spring Break In Cabo Becomes Instant Legend

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Watch This Quarterback Fumble After His Running Back Projectile Vomits All Over the Field

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College Football Must be a New Thing Then?

sports football college - 8299617536
By amandaswe234

The Real World is Going to be Harsh for This One

religion facepalm college failbook - 8141174272
Via thtrtechie

Most Importantly, What do Her Student Loans Look Like?

pr0n sexy times college failbook - 8300089856
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I Don't Think You're Ready for College Yet

grammar stupid people college - 7082448384
By Unknown

Some People Are Stoked About School Sports Recruitment Week. Show Them This.

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No Longer the Biggest Man on Campus

college driving mom school student university - 6406195456
By BmL4

College in a Crying, Drunk Nutshell

school feels tumblr college - 8398774784
Via barackinaroundthexmastree

College Papers are Tough, Writing Them Drunk is Even Tougher

funny school fail image girl tried to write paper drunk
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He Was a Red Shirt Freshman

college - 6993427456
By Unknown

Not Every Major Requires Perfect English Skills

school irony spelling college - 8418559744
By Failsauce

Trolling Students

graduation students trolling college - 7432911616
By Grandevil

People Told Me I Couldn't Attain a Third Grade Spelling Level. I DID!

college high school negativity school spelling - 6564538112
By Unknown
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