Basic Understanding of Facebook FAIL

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Less Than Three, Not More

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weird and funny public fails on facebook | Why didn't anyone tell get fungus on our toenails just chewed mine off and they still had some on them think just threw up my mouth little. 1 like Like Comment Share

These Clueless Facebook Friends Have No Filter and Everyone Hates Them For It

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A clueless Tumblr user thinks that honey is made from squashed up bees | fallout-new-vegas-2010 Follow vegans make peace with honey no shut up do fallout-new-vegas-2010 Follow Vegans be like can't take product bee's labor" and then eat child slave quinoa atomicwinterwonderland vegans will pretend not hear natives tell them their agave products are unsustainable because they have whimsical feelings about, and cannot stress this enough freedom hive insects

Tumblr User Thinks Honey's Made From Bees

But not the right way.
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Thanks, Elizabeth...

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Old People Writing on a Restaurant's Facebook Page

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Via Old People on Facebook

I Guess I Just Don't Get It

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There Are No Words

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