Anon Makes a Very Good Point About God and Plants

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Joe Has a Horrible Jump

clever timeline video games win - 5985900544
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Time Travel IS Possible

clever the future time travel updates - 5386997760
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funny jokes from twitter and tumblr | Dee @figgled 's kinda fucked musicians eat sandwiches by placing them inside trombones and honking them into each other's mouths 18/4/17, 12:32 pm skirtsuit-angel this is an example defamiliarization, where something totally normal, conventional, and ordinary like honkwiching is taken and described as something sounds weird and foreign Source: memewhoreMehGyver @AndrewNadeau0 | After leaving Willy Wonka's factory WIFE WIFE WIFE: Lot deaths LOT deaths tour!

Funny Tumblr Moments and Sweet Ripened Tweets

Thy cup overfloweth.
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Now if Only We Could Get Some Coffee on This Thing...

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The 'ist

clever pictures - 5886789888
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I Like This Post So Much I Denied it Three Times

bible clever burn - 8333178112
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That's a Little Rude of You, Human

twitter clever horse - 8412080896
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This is Genius and I'll Take a Dozen of Them

bewbs clever cancer lady bits texting failbook - 8354318848
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Sims Deathmatch

clever facebook fight g rated Harry Potter Sims social media twilight video games - 5569566464
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Some of Those Are First Editions!

clever books snarky - 8357436672
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How To Make Money and Injure People

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Have a Very Linguistic Valentine's Day!

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An Adult Film Star Flings it Back After Getting Bugged on Twitter

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The Ins and Outs

clever politics school - 5908842240
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Is Your Home Inlaw-Proof?

clever family there I fixed it - 8399722496
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