Impressively Clever and Cunning Facebook Wins That Deserve a Big Thumbs Up

Isn't it one of the best things in the world when someone unintentionally tees himself up for a wonderfully public, well-documented virtual tarring and feathering, up and down the avenue of your social media news feed? These 15 fools all but threw themselves with reckless and mindless abandon into the pits of self-inflicted humiliation. Maybe next time they'll think twice before posting to Facebook, or just, you know, opt for the (necessary) 'deactivate account.' 

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Say goodbye to productivity, because this game just took over your workday/life.

Whenever you start typing a search into Google, the search engine tries to predict what it thinks you are looking for based on previous searches.

The results are often absurd and can make you question your faith in humanity.

So a guy named Justin Hook has harnessed the power of autocomplete and turned it into an online game called “Google Feud.”

You just pick a category (Culture, People, Names, Questions), and the site chooses a question/topic. The top 10 very real results from Google’s API are posted to the board which you then have to guess.

Just like “Family Feud” you get just 3 strikes before the game ends.

“Beware, certain results may be offensive and/or incomprehensible,” Hook writes on the page.

The game’s received a lot of attention since it launched, so much so that it apparently crashed their servers.