Cans for Christ

jesus christ likes christians funny - 4912296192
By Amanda

Checkmate, Christfriends

checkmate christians god failbook - 6121052160
By Unknown

Numbers Don't Lie

god atheists jesus christ cancer christians wars aids - 6812003328
By Cyrax

Blood of the Lamb, B***h!

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By Unknown

Prayer, Guys. She's Talking About Prayer!

jesus christ christians prayer - 7931717632
By Unknown

Puritans Love Beating Catholics

christians - 4708504320
By Unknown

90 Degrees of Salvation

Angles christians - 7074642944
By Spike2990

He's a Pretty Cool Guy, Bro

christians - 6681483776
By Unknown

Jesus Christ Supernova

christianity christians stars - 6618786048
By roberbaran

Mysteries = Bad Translations

god bible christians - 6819375104
By Unknown
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