Use the Kids From "Toddlers and Tiaras" and We've Got a Hit!

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Created by Unknown

Not Today Tiny-Satan

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Created by Unknown

Nibble on Some Paint Chips, That Should Do the Trick

kid drinks bleach mom goes to facebook
Via smosh

A Tale That's Not About Tails

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Created by Kayla

Escaping a Cult

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Where Has All The Simplicity Gone?

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Saving the World

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Created by Hannah

Whenever You Think it's Appropriate to Not Have a Childhood Anymore

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Created by basselope7

Teleporting Is My Drunk Power

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Created by Unknown

Not to Be a Smart Ass or Anything, But Same Difference

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Created by Unknown

Solid Advice

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Created by amybekah14

Hang On, "Guy" (If That IS Your Real Name...)

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Created by JCB

Screaming Children

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Created by cherchezlafemme

A Love/Death Relationship

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Created by love cynic

Hopefully He Never Reproduces...

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Created by Unknown

You Must Be Wise Beyond Your Years

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Created by Unknown
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