Regrets R Us

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Teleporting Is My Drunk Power

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Whenever You Think it's Appropriate to Not Have a Childhood Anymore

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Saving the World

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Poor Kid

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You Must Be Wise Beyond Your Years

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Toddler invents their own swear word, and then swears at their parent for weeks. | TheOphans TIFU by learning my toddler made up their own way swearing at and has been telling f off while. M So build up this fuck up work out at home and have done since my child born like work out music and there is one particular song some reason really helps get mood squat s song l'd played some time without question until 4 months ago because has few swear words

Toddler Invents Their Own Swear Word, Swears At Parent For Weeks

Kid could be going places.
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Future Star of "To Catch a Predator"

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These Kids' Letters to Santa Are Definitely Being Sent Off to the North Pole Sealed With Their Parent's Tears of Laughter

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He Also Eats Nothing But Noodles

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Nibble on Some Paint Chips, That Should Do the Trick

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Not Today Tiny-Satan

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Solid Advice

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A Tale That's Not About Tails

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You Did WHAT?!

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How the Other Half Lives

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