Four. Stars.

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Looking Delicious

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They Tried to Warn Her, But It Was Too Late

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It's a Proven Fact That Chicken Can't Get Fish Disease, Duh

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Bird is the Word

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Fun Fact: Most Vets Hate Chicken

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Trend of the Day: New Zealanders are Stripping Down, Squatting Like Frozen Chicken and It's Spreading

Stripping down and squatting like a frozen chicken is something New Zealanders are doing.
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You Down to Cluck, Baby?

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funny Omegle chatroulette screen grab of a man talking with a chicken
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What Came First, the Chicken or the Facepalm?

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You Monster!

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At His Age, You're Lucky He's Not Choking it

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Chicken: The Other White Vegetable

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A Moment of Silence for the Kung Pao

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You Can Die From That?

facebook status guy eats raw chicken for 20 bucks
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No Lies, Only Chickens

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