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Guy Tweets At KFC After Discovering Bizarre Piece of Chicken and They Fry Him With Five Star, Snarky Customer Service

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You Can Die From That?

facebook status guy eats raw chicken for 20 bucks
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Looking Delicious

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It's a Proven Fact That Chicken Can't Get Fish Disease, Duh

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They Tried to Warn Her, But It Was Too Late

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chicken FAIL cooking trolling facebook food - 1367301

Woman Decides An Act of Trolling's Best Served Semi-Cold, Tricks Internet With 'Medium-Rare' Chicken Post

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Great, We're All Hungry and Grossed Out Now

dogs chicken pets not what it looks like g rated - 8185650944
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Maxin' Relaxin'

cooking food chicken Turkey failbook - 7974100992

Someone Isn't In on the Secret Recipe

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No Lies, Only Chickens

chicken conspiracy fake snopes food - 8454560512

The Chicken IS the Egg

chicken egg facepalm stupid - 4674953472

Four. Stars.

yelp, btk killer, chicken, ride
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It's the Perfect Diet Food!

diet chicken calories - 7765148928

Hope You Like it Crispy!

chicken fire kfc failbook g rated - 8422947584
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That's for the Bird to Decide, Not You

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At His Age, You're Lucky He's Not Choking it

twitter chicken kids these days video games failbook g rated - 8408766464
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