Who cut the cheese? Seriously that reeks. Better air it out, or maybe grab a milder wheel to balance it out. These cheesy puns will have you groaning in no time, so don't go anywhere, and don't cut any more cheese.

This Whole Case is Just a Hot Curd

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This Whole Comment Thread is Cheesy

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Cheesy, But Correct

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Fact Check: New Trend at Dog Parks

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Learn How to Cheese!

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Thus Began the Horrific Cheese Flood of 2012

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Ted Cruz Has Ruined Queso for a Lot of People, but He Makes Some Good Points

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While We're at it, Let's Talk Wine!

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Might Wanna Lay Off of the Cheese

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Finally Someone Has Decided to Rename Vegan "Cheese" and It's a Fantastic Suggestion

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Age is Just a Number

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What Kind of Monster Does This to a Pop Tart?

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The War on Cheese Has Been Declared at Tesco

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A Joke That's Getting Crusty

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