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Feng Shui is All About Annoying Chain Mail Shares

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People Still Fall for This Nonsense

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Don't You Feel Smart, Like Every Single Other Person Who Read This?

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Here's That Awful Chain Mail Story Your Annoying Relatives Have Been Sharing for the Past Month


As a Bonus, You Get to Look Like an Idiot!

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Chain Mail: It Was Cool in the 90s, So Why Not Now?

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Read, but Make Sure to Print That Stuff Out First!

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The Internet is 2 Spooky 4 Me

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Don't Tell Me How to Spam!

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The Past Is Coming Back to Haunt You

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What All Those Facebook Chain Posts Are Really Saying

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There Is No Reason to Believe This Story Didn't Happen Exactly as It Was Told

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This is Why I Disregard All Chain Mail

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Because Looking at a Calendar is Just too Hard

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Time to Teach the Family About Internet Chain Spam

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