Read Clare Bowen's Emotional Story Behind Her Current Haircut

Clare Bowen shares heartwarming social meadia story about recent haircut
Via Clare Bowen
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Angelina Jolie Is Divorcing Brad Pitt and the Internet's Acting Like Their Parents Just Separated

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All Right All Right All Right All Right

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By Boba_Threat
people not recognizing celebrities

20 People Who Thought They Met Celebrities Who Were Very, Very Wrong

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Anna Kendrick Says What Everyone is Thinking

Text - Anna Kendrick @AnnaKendrick47 People who care about celebrity babies are creepy. "What will her baby look like?!" A baby. You've seen baby right? It'll look like that. a 10/1/13, 1:06 PM
By Unknown

Jim Carrey Handles the Paparazzi Like a Champion

celeb jim carrey true story failbook g rated - 8334250496
Via Brown Cardigan

The 90 Percent Law

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By nathanlink169
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These Are the Fails That Made Us Wince in 2014

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Power-Hour is Longer Too

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By csramirez

Almost Famous

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By Unknown

If Only Facebook Could Harness Human Stupidity as a Power Source...

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By Lauren
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Ex-Disney Channel Star Tweets Dick Pic Saying It Isn't Her Ex-Boyfriend's, Twitter Proceeds to Lose Its Mind

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Danny Pudi Takes a Quiz and Finds Out He's ANOTHER "Community" Cast Member

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Via Uproxx

Patton Oswalt's Take on Bony 2012

celeb kony 2012 twitter - 5987444736
Via @PattonOswalt

10 Things I Love About Social Media Stalking

celeb creeper stalking failbook g rated - 8326333184
Via Brown Cardigan

Betty White Joins Twitter

betty white celeb twitter - 6100001792
By Unknown
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