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Insurance Deductible Through the Roof? Worth It!

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By Unknown

The Difference Between Men and Women

men and women car crash car accident gender differences - 4960471552
By Anon

Facebook > Safety

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By KaptKyle

The Year of Trolling Dangerously

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By Unknown

Scratch That, Reverse It

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By Christopher

I Wonder!

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By Unknown

This Man is a Nokia in Human Form

nokia accident car accident - 7696167680
By Anonymouse

Captain Obvious to the Rescue!

captain obvious car accident car crash - 6528781824
By JesterCake

Did You Hear About the Blonde Who Died in a Car Accident?

blonde dumb blonde car accident - 5010411264
By Unknown

On the Way to the Hospital. Text It!

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By Unknown

Three Guesses as to Who Isn't in Good Hands...

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By masterjeem

Facebooking While Driving is Bad Enough...

driving car accident - 7158900224
By Unknown
justice car crash driving car accident arrest karma - 78853

Girl Brags About Hit and Run on Twitter, Gets Justice

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I Wonder How That Happened...

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By kaaaaaaaate

So F**k Your Made-Up Stories That You Spam in a Pathetic Quest to Acquire Likes

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By Unknown