really bad business practices

The Worst Business Practices People Have Seen

What a bold strategy.
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This is a Pretty Backwards Way to Get Your Veggies in

what parenting business failbook g rated - 8026822400
By Unknown

Only Two More!

business facepalm likes - 5195756800

How to Give a F**k

business failbook Featured Fail swears - 6308184576
By Articerile

Whoever Runs the Spirit Airlines Twitter Account Clearly Doesn't Care Anymore

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Accounting for Middle-Earth

business Lord of the Rings win witty reply - 4678501120
By SeraphimRenegade


ads business charging copypasta Economics fake false rumors - 5243544320

Small Business Woes

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By Nate121
products that have big crazy markups | DownBad1 1 day ago never forget learning movie theater worked at paid $5 24 pack Dasani bottles charged $4.50 1.

Products That Are Too Marked Up For Their Own Good

It's just frustrating.
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McDonald's is Trying to Remind You of Every Lame Inspirational Facebook Post From Your Mother

hashtag brands McDonald's brand business fast food - 8299038720
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My Business Could Sell More If Only I Could Remember to Lock My Polls

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By JWalkerT
rich owner's son told truth that he doesn't own the business | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/senoramoncada AITA telling my friend he is basically an employee his dad and not business owner like he says he is? Not hole My friend J comes wealthy family as his dad owns several successful businesses. He's not snob, but recently he's become bit preachy about s better be an entrepreneur than an employee talked about several times before been working financial company 9 years

Owner's Son Hears the Truth about His Own Ambition

Your dad's business isn't your business.
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Business Bans Users for Commenting on Its Bad Grammar

grammar bad grammar Walmart business failbook g rated - 7058126336
By Unknown

Stoopid is as Stoopid Straws

facepalm business - 8311763712
By picklesrus

The Owner of a Burger Joint Has a Meltdown After Reading a Negative Yelp Review

Via New Zealand Herald
reviews FAIL list restaurant facebook hacked business - 1036037

Someone Finally Got Tired of People Giving Shitty Reviews About Their Bar and in a Totally (Un)Professional Move, Defended Themselves Online

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