Macklemore May Have Stepped Over the Line With This Costume, but Seth Rogen Has the Best Burn in Response

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Activist Janet Mock Gets Disrespected on Piers Morgan's Show and Responds Deliciously

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Reality-Slap, Right to the Face!

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Instagram: Not Just for Your Food Pictures Anymore

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Biologists Don't Play Around With the Insults

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Do You Want to Super Size that Burn?

Do You Want to Super Size that Burn?
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Maturity Required, Thick Skin Optional

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millennials tweets

The Merriam-Webster Twitter Account is Has a Perfect Burn For You Disrespectful Millennials

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The Subtlest Burn in Facebook History

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Leave Room for Bronze!

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All About That... Stuff

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What Did You Expect to Hear?

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Sarah's Favorite Place

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