What Kind of Person Could do Such a Thing?

broken Hypocrisy irony - 6028321280
By Eddie666

One iPhone, Slightly Used, Minor Cuts

design phone broken - 8291899392
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broken cool story bro keyboards technology - 4375245056
By McS_MoNsTa_McS
pro tip life hacks broken Video iphone - 64618241

Which iPhone is Most Likely to Survive the Inevitable Drop?

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broken caps lock computers technology - 3989092864
By Unknown

This Is Why This City Can't Have Nice Things

AutocoWrecks broken g rated indestructible nokia nokia - 6125919488
By itechbrian

Everything That Falls Gets Broken

Everything That Falls Gets Broken facebook status
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Better to Be Broke, Than Broken Hearted

funny dating tweet video games are for nerds
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Nope, It's Broken, Go Buy a New One

battery broken charging iphone power tech support - 6368743424
By Unknown

That Didn't Take Long

broken iphone kids these days whoops - 8326356224

We Can Start Rebranding the New Bendy iPhone 6 Now

apple broken iphone satire failbook g rated - 8328472064
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You're Not Like the Other Smartphones

smartphones phone broken failbook g rated - 8392231936
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#BendGate Gets its Own Pun-tastic Thread

broken iphone puns whoops failbook g rated - 8328426496
By Afropuff9805

One Redditor Made the Most of Their Phone's Cracked Screen With This Cool Wallpaper

clever broken phone failbook g rated - 8340937472
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Ode to a Broken Phone

comics phone broken iphone - 8279936000
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We've Come Full Circle: This is a Phone Wallpaper... of a Broken Phone Screen.

design phone broken failbook g rated - 8295288320
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