The Dark Yeast Rises

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This is Rye and Wry

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Are You Bready For This?

Text - 2 hrs I'm not sure I'm bready for this... Sylvester Stallone is the new face of... bread Sly's landed a new *roll* METRO.CO.UK Like Comment Share Hovis doesn't stand a chance, they're gonna be toast! 1 hr Unlike 2 I bet he'll be taking a thick slice of the profits though 1 hr Unlike 2 to keep sly on board they probably have to keep him well buttered 1 hr Unlike 2 I'd imagine his agent demanded a lot of dough up front 1 hr Unlike 2 5 million at yeast 1 hr Unlike 2 who really kneads that mu

Rye or Wheat?

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Pointing Out the Positives

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By misskatiexo

Stop Eating So Much Breadth

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Probably the Most Thoughtful Complaint a Customer Could Leave After Being Left Breadless

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The Lonely Life of Bread Twitter

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Learning English is a Real Pan in the Butt

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A New Meaning to "Putting a Bun in the Oven"

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This Baby is Definitely Not Gluten-Free

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The Pictures Look a Little Grainy

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Stupid People Make the WORST Bakers!

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By Pumpkin

Don't Let the Garlic Bread Get to You

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