What Do Food and Boyfriends Have in Common?

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Now We Know Why You Think That

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The Struggle is Real

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Rough Morning?

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You Can Pick Your (Boy)Friends, But You Can't Pick Your FAIL

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The Truth Comes Out

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So Irresponsible!

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Not Only Are You Butthurt, You're Buttclean as Well!

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They're Nice People Too

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You Learn Something New Everyday

Text - 17 hours ago via Mobile Without my think I'd be chronically depressed This boy is fabulous and I love him to Pluto and back (see what did there cause Pluto doesn't exist so you just carry on going forever) Xoo000 Like Share 2 peoole like this.
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They Can Be Temperamental

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Nathan Fielder's Latest Prank Just Ended Countless Relationships

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Dislike: Girls Who Are Overly Defensive

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Still in Love With Your Ex?

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I Don't Need Your Sass, Mom!

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