If You Have to Ask...

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By Unknown

Girlfriend WIN

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By Crezy-Bon-Chiq

We Have Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself...

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By Unknown

There's Your Answer!

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By blair

Orientation: The Art of Orienting Your Palm Toward Your Face

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By Reij10

No Match for That Va-Jay-Jay!

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By kenohbi

But I'm in Your Profile Pic!

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By Unknown

The Ex Boyfriend Strikes Back

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By Unknown

Ever Wonder Why You Can't Keep a Boyfriend?

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By Unknown

There Can Only Be One

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By Unknown

It's a Great Day for Fishing

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By Unknown

I'm Sure You Could Find a Boyfriend Beat-ter Than This One

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Mood Destroyer

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By Unknown

Lol Is Having Sex With Another Guy, Like, Cheating or Whatever?

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By Unknown

A Simple Misunderstanding... I Hope...

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By Allison

All the Single Ladies...

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By Unknown
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