books you need new friends - 3695769088
By lauraxelizabeth

Spoiler FAIL

books facepalm magazine Movie Spoiler Alert twilight - 5410573056
By melindee

For All Your Travel Needs and More

cannibalism suggestion books - 8160088320

We Tried, Guys... We Tried...

books christmas failbook g rated - 7970432512
By Unknown

The Shimmering Distant Green Light of Embarrassment

school whoops embarrassing books the great gatsby failbook g rated - 8417173760
Via Exploding-Kittens

"We've Always Been at War With Korea!"

books george orwell whoops - 8397967104
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A Bookstore in London

books Featured Fail london riots twitter win - 5069189120
By Unknown

50 Shades of Wrong

50 shades of grey books pedobear underage - 6373207040
By Unknown

There's Already a Film Adaptation in the Works

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Love is Mathematical, Love is Kind, Love is Patient...

quotes school books math failbook g rated - 8041296128
By Pyatin

Clifford Books Were Really Ahead of Their Time

barack obama books politics parenting White house - 8334939392
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Classic: Facebook vs. Real Books

books classic reading - 5281738496
By Unknown


books girls Harry Potter innuendo movies puns school - 4372368384
By Unknown

Failbook: Baby Got Book

baby got back book books failbook Featured Fail rap reading sir mix-a-lot - 6097633536
By Manda No-pants

Remember Kids, Support the Authors You Love, and Buy Books You Don't Care About

reading facepalm books irony - 8406913536
By psxndc


books oh snap words - 3095547648
By Unknown
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