Teaching Math to Baby

Babies birthdays addition math - 7812503552
By Unknown

Happy Birthday!

happy birthday trash, I mean Trish
By 01ivia

Reading Comprehension

reading comprehension birthdays FAIL - 7838163968

Birthdays: Otherwise Known as "How the Hell Did I Come Out of That?" Day

birth birthdays failbook - 7890817792
By itachi.seme

I Got Old All of a Sudden!

birthdays abraham lincoln - 7916575488
By faith

Know Your Age

birthdays FAIL - 7918735872
By Unknown

Rated R Movie Websites?

birthdays pr0n voting - 6117938432
By Unknown

Part-Time Alien

birthdays math is hard - 7889514240
By Lo0n3yy

Before Facebook

birthdays happy birthday - 4744684288
By Unknown

How to Congratulate a Friend on an Engagement

marriage birthdays congratulations engagement - 7410625024
By Unknown

This Might Be Her Last Birthday

alcohol birthday birthdays drinking shot - 6305350656
By the78thdude

Mother of the Year

birthdays moms parenting pranks g rated - 7917310208
By xxSELMAxx

Birthday Math

birthdays fractions math - 7961736448
By Unknown

Grandma Isn't Down

birthdays grandma - 4676759552
By Unknown


birthdays fathers parents whoops - 4371533568
By SonjaFoust

It Was a Really "Special" Day

birthdays 420 - 7373036288
By musicats78
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