"14th Birthday Party"

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"Half a Century"

birthday - 7580444672
Created by Anton

Do I Even Know Which One is Right?

birthday birthday wishes mom - 6578812928
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Let Freedom Ring!

4th of july birthday genius facepalm - 8245918464

Don't Worry About Clarifying That or Anything

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Nice Save!

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Created by T

Wrong Celebration, Bro

anniversary birthday happy birthday - 7022448640

When Your Kid Asks for a "Cow Having a Calf" Cake

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A Girl's Best Friend

birthday gift p33n - 6241839360
Created by Cubby Chowder

That's Not Crème Brûlée

birthday cake oh snap Photo - 5247937024
Created by babsieg ( Via )

Forever A-Wait

birthday oh snap witty reply your friends are laughing at you - 4952505088
Created by Unknown

Tell Me How You Really Feel!

birthday birthday wishes i hate you - 6564695552
Created by niknieb

People on the Internet Refuse to Let This Girl Have Another Lonely Birthday

feels birthday facebook win - 8804177664
Via rebecca.g.prefontaine

Pretty Sure That Is Dirt

cake birthday failbook - 7900479744
Created by Unknown

Literally Born Yesterday

birthday lyrics - 6505902080
Created by Isaiah Leiva

Happy Conception Date to You!

anniversary birthday conception - 7098475008
Created by kdeleon0811
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