Nice Save!

birthday christmas facebook failbook g rated social media win - 5590411264
By T

Yeah But Neither of Them Have Oscars Either...

titanic leonardo dicaprio birthday burn - 8545899520
By soren7550

Baby You're a Firework

birthday fireworks - 6333131520
By Unknown

Finish Her!

twitter Mortal Kombat birthday girlfriend dating - 8805123328
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Some Kids Get All the Luck

twitter birthday kids these days spoiled - 8185650432
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Try Listing It Next Time

birthday happy birthday - 7257456128
By Unknown
twitter birthday Video - 62856449

The Worst Birthdays Ever Almost Sound Poetic in Tweet Form

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Music birthday song Awkward Video failbook - 66404097

The Song For That Less-Than-Special Friend You Only Care About Through Facebook

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The Only Time I Ever Get Notifications

birthday failbook g rated notifications - 5887620864
Via Pizza For President

The End of the World... If You Know What I Mean

birthday apocalypse 12/21/2012 - 6901343488
By VTurpz


apologies birthday drama parties - 3183261952
By Greg


birthday doodle freddie mercury google news queen - 5173319168
By Victor

Happy Conception Date to You!

anniversary birthday conception - 7098475008
By kdeleon0811

Beetle Mania

birthday failbook zoo facebook - 8967005184
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There's Never a Bad Time for a Birthday Wish!

timing birthday parentbook - 8436143872
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Don't Worry About Clarifying That or Anything

birthday gross accidental gross oh god why failbook - 8406388480
Via marysacooley
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