First You're Going to Need Some Water and a Messiah

drinking bible wine - 8223664384
By DarkMetalDoll

Must Have Been One Sharp Picture

bible spelling noahs ark failbook - 8167402240
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Why, You Little Believer...

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By Bart

Yoga Has Several Major Starting Positions, Including "The Reluctant Evangelical"

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More Tattoo Shenanigans

jesus bible tattoo - 6800101376
By colleenyjellybeany

The Beast is Coming for Your Tacos, People

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Citation Needed

religion bible mind blown failbook - 8422062336
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It Takes All Kinds of People...

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jesus bible Hillary Clinton political pictures - 8397233664
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Improving the Bible

bible religion witty reply - 5064128768
By sabregirl6

The Original Table Flipper

bible emoticon Occupy Wall Street - 5311539712
guy rants about bible hypocrisy against gays

Guy Destroys Homophobic Haters With Brilliant Rant on Bible Hypocrisy

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How's That Bible You're Supposed to be Reading?

bible burn irony Hillary Clinton failbook - 8327473152
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Bible Knowledge FAIL

bible faith gay gay marriage homosexuality North Carolina religion - 6208317952
By jwissick
bible apps Video - 63126017

Finally, an App That Allows me to Battle the Forces of Darkness Wherever I Go

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I'm Parably Gonna Go to Jail for This

stealing bible facepalm church - 7459573248
By Unknown
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