guy rants about bible hypocrisy against gays

Guy Destroys Homophobic Haters With Brilliant Rant on Bible Hypocrisy

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Bible Knowledge FAIL

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By jwissick

Must Have Been One Sharp Picture

bible spelling noahs ark failbook - 8167402240
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Greener Pastures

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By angelayla

Genesis Was Also My Favorite Pixar Movie

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By vanitynoblet

Challenge Accepted

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By Razzematazze

Mysteries = Bad Translations

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By Unknown

The Original Table Flipper

bible emoticon Occupy Wall Street - 5311539712

Yoga Has Several Major Starting Positions, Including "The Reluctant Evangelical"

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The Devil

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By Unknown

It's the Only Time They're Not Talking About Semen

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By Unknown

Blood of the Lamb, B***h!

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By Unknown


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Think of All the Ad Dollars!

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Jesse Night Shyamalan

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By Meqad

I Like This Post So Much I Denied it Three Times

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