Nice One, Mrs. Black!

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By Unknown

You Know What I Meant, Smartass!

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By El305
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Beauty Vlogger Asks Her Followers To Ask Their Boyfriends and Male Friends to Identify Mystery Object, Hilariousness Ensues

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Mimi. Your Argument Is Invalid.

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By jazzytrav
Tinder Profile Pics

#OnTinderAtTinder Pulls Back the Curtain of Tinder Profile Pics and Reveals What We All Knew Anyways

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You May Not Like It, but These Memes About the Ideal "Make" Body Are What Peak Performance Looks Like

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The Eye of the Beholder

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By grotte

Daisy Ridley "Won't Apologize" to Internet Trolls for the Way She Looks

star wars daisy ridley body standards Daisy Ridley "Won't Apologize" to Internet Trolls for the Way She Looks
Via etonline

Does This Bag Make My Butt Look Big?

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By BouncyPaw

What About the Basics?

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By Unknown

So Much Beauty...

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By NathanMortality

I Would Laugh, but the Botox Killed All My Facial Muscles

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By Unknown


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By Unknown
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When You Ask the Internet a Subjective Question, Expect to Be Ridiculed (Especially When There is So Much Fake Tanner Involved)

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