Darwin is Rolling in His Grave

Babies pregnancy yahoo answers parenting Darwin DNA failbook g rated - 7779212800
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This is High Up There in the List of "Things We Don't Want to Know About on Facebook"

Babies dude parts Oversharing - 8074486528
Created by Rachel

For All We Know it Could Be a Squid

Babies facepalm parenting spelling - 8307578368
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I Felt a Real Connection!

Babies farts facebook - 6871527168
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Expect the Unexpected

Babies parenting - 8805449728
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The Missionary Tax Position

Babies autocorrect spelling whoops pregnant typo - 8303478528
Created by Jessica

Which Thing Did You Mean?

Babies parenting xbox facebook - 7929540608

Talking About Phrasing

Babies parenting phrasing cousins - 4833039616
Created by Unknown

That's Not How Babby is Formed

Babies parenting failbook - 6057039360
Created by minstrel3000

I'll Take Two!

Babies twitter baby parenting - 8320362240
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Enough With the Babies Already!

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Gaydar FAIL

Babies parenting baby daddy Father - 6975320064
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What Acute-y!

Babies facepalm puns math spelling - 8245461760
Created by AnkamaraWolf

The Importance of "I'm"

Babies pregnancy - 7341758208
Created by Ralph

How to Make Your Husband do All the Parenting With One Easy Trick

Babies dads parenting batman failbook - 8060591872
Created by Unknown

Babies Are Anti-Funbots

Babies kids parenting failbook g rated - 6233168896
Created by GermanNut
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