This is High Up There in the List of "Things We Don't Want to Know About on Facebook"

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By Rachel

I'll Take Two!

Babies twitter baby parenting - 8320362240
Via msdanifernandez

Like a Baby

Babies baby sleeping - 8816706816
Via SatansTongue

Awww, I Can See the Yeast Rising!

Babies ultrasound parenting - 8076308992
By Unknown

Umm, Maybe Facebook's Idea of Priceless is a bit Morbid

Babies parenting twins - 8558023424
By jenn

Unplanned Parenthood

Babies contraception highschool parenting pregnancy school sex - 6306286336
By HystericalDame

Time to Go Wash My Hands AND Brain

Babies moms gross parenting Oversharing - 8183536128
By Insipid moniker

Enough With the Babies Already!

Babies pregnancy parenting pregnant - 7047212288
By Unknown

Babysitting 360

Babies Multitasking parenting video games funny g rated - 7718692608
By britandjayne

The Ninth Trimester

Babies pregnancy parenting - 7819394048
By Unknown

"Sir, You Don't Look 18 to Me..."

Babies strip club parenting funny - 7495222272
By Unknown

What Acute-y!

Babies facepalm puns math spelling - 8245461760
By AnkamaraWolf

From the Womb of Poseidon Himself!

Babies facepalm old people - 8029177600
By Unknown
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Uncle Knows Best

Babies baby names lazy failbook - 8241166080
By Justin

Seltzer Water Fixes Everything, Even Babies

Babies parenting wine failbook g rated - 8249343488
By tenaciousxlee
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