Awkward Moment

Not Awkward

Awkward Moment oh snap your friends are laughing at you - 5467354112
Created by Anonymous

Thanks Mom

Awkward Awkward Moment emoticons parenting mom - 4765149184
Created by Unknown

Just Doin' My Job, Lady...

Awkward Awkward Moment relationships funny dating failbook g rated - 7459688192
Created by melthehobo

Mom, This Flashlight Doesn't Work Right!

Awkward Moment - 7379508736
Created by army_opfor

Tricked Again

bathrooms scumbag brain Awkward Moment - 6623136768
Created by Unknown

A Lesson in Similes

Awkward Moment teachers - 4741178368
Created by Unknown


abortion that awkward moment Awkward Moment - 5093018368
Created by JoJo

Three Guesses What a Rampant Rabbit Is...

Awkward vibrator Awkward Moment - 7465316608
Created by Unknown

Forever Awkward

bathrooms public bathroom Awkward Moment toilets - 6151484160
Created by poop-faced

Careful What You Touch

Awkward Awkward Moment - 7125391104
Created by LeopardTears

Mahm, Stahp...

Awkward Awkward Moment TMI moms - 7490704896
Created by Unknown

When Posting to a Confession Page, Make Sure You Do It Right

confessions best friends Awkward Moment - 7265459456
Created by Unknown

Uhhh... I Meant... Umm... This Pineapple Over Here!

kids Awkward Moment parenting failbook - 4906602496
Created by TwistedChrissy

Dude, There's a Time and a Place for Those Kinds of Questions!

parents on facebook Awkward Moment relationships - 4988964864
Created by Luke

Now I Just Have to Roll With It

texts Awkward Moment texting funny - 4936068352
Created by svg118

For Everything Else, There's Air Freshener...

Awkward Awkward Moment bathroom - 6946689280
Created by popkiller
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