There Are Fans of Gerard Way, and Then There's This

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If a Tweet Drawls in the Forest, Does It Make a Sound?

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Forgive Me Father, for I Did Not Like That Post

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Do You Even Contemporary Art?

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Detailed Instructions, Always

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Created by muttleythedog

Nelson = Morgan Freeman?

art Morgan Freeman nelson mandela - 7944795648
Created by LeParisien

You Just Can't Win

art body - 6472313088
Created by Unknown


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Created by Dorky_Cowgirl

How to Convince the World That You Might Be Insane

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Created by Unknown
art Mark Zuckerberg pun Video - 38619137

Artist Sculpts Shrine of Zuckerberg's Face With a Book

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Nobody Suspects the Reverse Image Search

art fake burn - 8275291136
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Classical Snapchatting

art classical snapchat g rated - 8054164224
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Art of the Day: Woman Turns Paintings Into Selfies

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Weapons of Mass Distraction

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art asking friends win you missed something - 3469374976
Created by Unknown

Fine Art, Finer Minds

art classical - 8029159936
Created by Lexi
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