april fools

Pizza Roulette

april fools food pizza prank - 6058493952
By bennyboi1051
april fools - 770821

Hamburger Helper Dished Out a Mixtape on Soundcloud and It's Straight Fire

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I Can't April Fools Too Well

rickrolled april fools eminem rick astley - 7240903936
By Unknown
shoes april fools selfie Video - 69900289

Let's Hope This is an April Fool's Prank, Because the Selfie Shoes Are Totally Ridiculous

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Who's the Fool Now?

easter date calendar whoops april fools - 8441352704
By Dr. Dastardly


april fools rickroll win witty reply - 4611565824
By nrturner

A Departure From the Usual Prank

april fools dating prank pregnant - 6057957376
By Unknown

Seems Legit

april fools relationships dating - 7228878336
By utplagal
tumblr april fools Video - 59734785

Tumblr Announces Tumblr Pro on a Day That is Definitely Not Known for False Announcements

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For These Kids it Feels More Like April Cruels' Day

funny parenting prank image dad pulls cruel ipad prank on kids
Via @joeheenan
youtube videos april fools - 59730945

YouTube Unveils the Upcoming Viral Video Trends for April Fools' Day

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Who Cares if it's Fake, Post it!

Via po0pi

There is No Pit in Hell Deep Enough for a Prank Like This

Via Uproxx

Unfortunately, The Joke Is On Us

april fools Rebecca Black sad but true - 4612401408
By Unknown

April Fools! I'm Alive!

april fools prank - 7222154496
By balth

Kissing Cousins

cousin pregnant on april fools joke
Via DamnIts_Kia
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