12 of One, A Dozen of the Other

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Two Months... Two. Months.

Text - 2 months today, I love you babe so much I wunna grow old with you, you are my world, my life, my everything xo000000000000x-with at Tattoo Studio. Like Comment Share 45 minutes ago in

3 Days Is The New Eternity

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Would Whoever is Cutting Onions in Here Stop It Already?

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In Honor of the 10th Anniversary of Facebook, a Word from Zuckerberg and a Compilation of the Most Beautiful Person on Facebook

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Surprise, We're Going Fishing!

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Trans-Atlantic Voyages Were THE Way to Travel in the 90s!

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Best Man Ever

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I Hope You Got a Gift Receipt

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57 Years of Relationship Goals

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That's One Long Marriage!

Text - 12 hours ago Me and Sofi have whizzed round the Sun together 365 times today! Happy anniversary! Like Comment
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Happy Conception Date to You!

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Double-Check Which Status You're Commenting On

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Who Celebrates 62 Days?!

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Sometimes Multiple Statuses Are for the Best

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Dating Fails: Hope You All Enjoyed the Presidential Debate

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