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Chart Claiming Family Earning $500K/Year Is Just Scraping By, Sends People On Twitter Into Fits of Hysterical Rage

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You're More Two-Faced Than the Riddler! Nailed it!

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Netflix Drops New Death Note Trailer, People Proceed to Fall Into Fit of Blind Rage Over 'Whitewashing'

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Salty Starbucks Barista Threatens to Spit in #TrumpCups, and Outraged People on Twitter Band Together to Get Her Fired

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fitness blog tells people not to eat pizza

Fitness Blog Gets Aggressive AF, Tries to Tell People to Not Eat Pizza, Invokes the Wrath of Twitter

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angry bride tweets

Enraged Bride Live-Tweets Terrible Customer Service from W Hotel on the Night of Her Honeymoon

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BBC Announces Santa Isn't Real, Invokes Blind Rage From People, Instantly Backtracks Saying It Was 'Fake News'

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Adults Behaving Badly

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angry basketball reaction Shaq nba rage twitter - 1630981

Shaq Tells JaVale McGee ‘I’ll Smack The S**t Out Yo Bum Ass’, Instantly Igniting Hilarious Twitter RageFest

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Steelers Safety Has Nothing Short of an Emmy Award-Worthy Meltdown After Referee's Questionable Call

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People react on Twitter to McDonald's phasing out the HI-C Orange drink.

McDonald's Is Getting Rid of Hi-C Orange Drink and People Are Pissed AF

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People In Melbourne, Australia Are Up In Arms Over Ridiculous Gender Equal Pedestrian Lights

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The Chainsmokers Won a Grammy Last Night and Accepted Award on Behalf of David Bowie, and People Are Very Pissed Off

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How Does This Righteous Anger Make Any Kind of Sense?

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You Need White Rice for a Wedding

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