Sober Paul vs. Drunk Paul

alcohol drinking drunk failbook sober - 6204651008
By Junkiemanxl

This Kid Just Wants to Stay Pure

twitter alcohol kids these days - 8193623040
Via Brown Cardigan

Why Not Booze?

alcohol booze - 6904924928
By keenansutherland

Someone Didn't think About That One

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By Unknown

The Man Who Dared to Dream of Beer Fish

Via MKiley117

Her Two Best Friends

alcohol embarrassing innuendo pictures toys - 6038471936
By Frankie

I'm So Conflicted Right Now

beer alcohol stahp - 7341488128
By Gruggington

That'll Learn 'Em

alcohol - 6996024320
By Rob Gray

Hopefully It Wasn't a Solid 45 Shots...

shots alcohol elevator funny - 4923548416
By Unknown

It's All About Perspective

alcohol Party - 5003756544
By anon

Yes They Do

alcohol your friends are laughing at you - 4945931520

Gee, I Wonder If the Alcohol Had Something to Do With It

alcohol drinking hospital - 6160409344
By hayley.dockum

I Wonder Why...

beer alcohol alcoholic - 4835501312
By Luke Adcock

Why Haven't You Been Pulled Over Yet?

Via aricberg

Enjoy Your Diabeetus!

bars alcohol failbook - 8020514304
By Unknown

The Obvious Solution

alcohol wine - 7887204608
By Unknown
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