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Britney Spears Declares Her Love For Adele's 'Hello' by Dancing to It

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Adele Shares Her Gym Face and It's All Too Relatable

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Adding This to My Fantasy Duet List

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Is That Burt Reynolds in the Background?

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The Most Talented Cover of Adele's Hello You'll See This Year

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Adele Releases a New Video, 'Hello' and the Twitter Fired Up the Meme-Reply Machine in Record Time

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Hello... Which One of Me Are You Looking For?

Hello... Which One of Me Are You Looking For?
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trolling a scammer online

Facebook Scammer Threatens Dude's Life After Getting Trolled HARD With Adele Lyrics

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ICWUDT, Fake Ellen

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Rolling in the Deep Is Strictly Prohibited for the Next Nine Months

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Grammy Winning Zingers

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This NFL Parody Using Adele's Hello is Something Every Football Fan Can Agree With

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Kudos For Posting This Embarrassingly Honest Breakup Story on Adele's Facebook Page

funny facebook post woman writes embarrassingly honest breakup story on Adele's facebook page
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