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Good old Abraham Lincoln. One of the greatest Presidents, and influential figures in United States History. So have a good chuckle with Abe and make sure you don't wait four score and seven years to check out all these puns and jokes.

What Are You Learning in School These Days?

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The Civil War Was Actually About Broadband Access

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I Don't Think They Care About Him Too Much

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The Greatest Fight Since FDR Fought Polio

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I Got Old All of a Sudden!

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Team Abraham

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It's Too Late for That

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Super Cute DIY Assassination Jokes

Super Cute DIY Assassination Jokes
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He's Honestly Tired of These Kinds of Jokes

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Martin Lincoln King

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Abraham Lincoln: Idiot Hunter

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Abraham Lincoln: The New Hitler

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At Least She Questioned the Source

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Whoosh! There Goes the Joke!

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"Wow Ur Gullible as F**k." -- Socrates

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Ya don't say

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