That's Right, Go Back There and Give Him a Good Pounding!

accidental sexy whoops Walmart - 8169808896
Created by Unknown

It Seems to Be a Bunch of Pieces of Paper All Bound Together!

books hunger games Walmart failbook - 7936421632
Created by Unknown

Walmart Knows Its Employees Well

Walmart - 6823552512
Created by Unknown

What the Hell is Wrong With You People?

customers Walmart - 7645796608
Created by Unknown

Such a Romantic Setting

image proposal Walmart - 4519597824
Created by Unknown

Just Another Day at Walmart

cashier Walmart - 6976235520
Created by itsallgood18

Small is Good?

Walmart small peen failbook - 7387247872
Created by melonville ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

That's Walmart for Ya

lube Walmart - 7023425792
Created by Unknown

Walmart's Customers Aren't the Smartest

movies alphabetical order Walmart failbook g rated - 7118966272
Created by 13bushk

Walmart <strike>Greeter</strike> Creeper

not what it sounds like on the job spelling Walmart - 5095296000
Created by Leah

We Deserve The Truth, And With Multiple Toppings!

Via ray-winters-sings

The Poodle Diet

diet food Walmart - 6455170560
Created by usernamer

Just Another Day at Walmart

kids gross Walmart failbook - 7109978880
Created by icepuppet

Can I Eat This?

cashier cashier Walmart Walmart failbook g rated - 7565291008
Created by Unknown

Low Prices, Low Tolerance

drugs job interview Oversharing Walmart - 8134535168
Created by Unknown

A Rich Family Heritage

conception gross mom Walmart - 4697280512
Created by Unknown
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