This Just in: Kate Middleton's Uterus Can't Melt Steel Beams

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This Cheating Bloke Got His Lack of Stamina Put on Blast and Twitter Twitter Pipes In

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A Fox News Pundit Claimed the UK City of Birmingham was "Completely Muslim," so Here Are Some More Outrageous Claims via #FoxNewsFacts

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What the English Will Never Admit About Their Tea Obsession

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Keep it Simple, That's Our Motto!

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UK Government Tweets Celebratory Photo of Wrong Bridge, and Twitter Is Having a Trolling Field Day

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America Doesn't Have a Monopoly on Nonsensical Policies

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Only in England Would Something Like This Happen

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This Manchester Police Tweet is Baffling and Twitter is Having None of It

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They've ALL Failed in Some Way

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The British Embassy Attempted to Apologize for the Torching of the White House 200 Years After the Fact

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Monarchy is Really Difficult

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A Girl Created a Frightful Facebook Album to Bring Awareness to Post-Brexit Racism

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Forget Godwin's Law, Check Out St. Peter's Rule

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The Easy Way to Tell Your App Was Made in the UK

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English Pride, Y'all!

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