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UK Government Tweets Celebratory Photo of Wrong Bridge, and Twitter Is Having a Trolling Field Day

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One in Ten

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They've ALL Failed in Some Way

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Are You a Bottom or a Top? Asking For a Parking Lot

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When You Ask the Internet a Subjective Question, Expect to Be Ridiculed (Especially When There is So Much Fake Tanner Involved)

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British Man Live Tweets His Horrendous 4-Hour Long Journey to Cancel His Virgin Media Account and Just Reading It Will Reaffirm Your Anxiety to Never Call and Cancel Anything Again

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The Easy Way to Tell Your App Was Made in the UK

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What the English Will Never Admit About Their Tea Obsession

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This Manchester Police Tweet is Baffling and Twitter is Having None of It

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English Pride, Y'all!

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British People Are Pleading for Obama to Move to the UK to Become the Prime Minister

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"Do as I Say, Not as I Vote"

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After a Night of Clubbing, One Drunken-Girl Tested the Boundaries of Great Customer Service

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We're All Deeply Confused By This Horse That Was Photographed Entering a Bus In London

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A Fox News Pundit Claimed the UK City of Birmingham was "Completely Muslim," so Here Are Some More Outrageous Claims via #FoxNewsFacts

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Via The Guardian

Forget Godwin's Law, Check Out St. Peter's Rule

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Created by reggierat
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