asking friends passport procrastinating Travel - 3595481600
By Unknown

A Spoiled Brat's European Vacation

europe spoiled Travel - 4962751488
By sanrow19

Canada, Whoops Pardon My Patriotism

america britain england Travel traveling - 6257074432
By Unknown

Hola Idiota

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By Unknown

If Only We Spent This Much Money on Public Transit

facepalm satire Travel train - 8379392512
twitter drunk facepalm Travel airplane - 319237

A "Modern Family" Editor Live-Tweets the Worst Plane Passenger Ever

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The Newest Crossfit Move is the 'Taking Back the Armrest' and This Guy is a Champ At It

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Guy live-tweets the funny video results of people's reactions to airpot power outlet prank.

Guy Live-Tweets Video Results of Cruel Power Outlet Prank on People at Airport

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Your Whiteness Won't Help You Now

mexico Travel white people - 8218501632
By rindy

Paid Volunteering... Paid. Volunteering.

Travel humanitarian - 4971543808
By Bre


bad idea please be a joke Travel - 3614890752
By Unknown

There Was a Big Top in Paris?

paris las vegas Travel eiffel tower - 8145557504
By guiltybillstickers

Paranoid, Much?

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Welcome to London, the City of Love!

eiffel tower facepalm geography paris London Travel - 8248151296
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Same White, Different House

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I'm Basically a World Traveler

Travel - 7610556160
By Unknown
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