President Obama Interrupted the End of The Price is Right to Televise a Speech, and POTUS Payed a Price on Twitter

social media fail POTUS interrupts ending of Price is Right and pays a price on Twitter
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Donald Trump Continues to Not Get Anything, Mouths Off Against the New Show "Blackish"

Text - Donald J. Trump Follow @realDonaldTrump How is ABC Television allowed to have a show entitled "Blackish"? Can you imagine the furor of a show, "Whiteish"! Racism at highest level? Reply Retweet Favorite .More RETWEETS FAVORITES 1,600 1,211 5:41 AM 1 Oct 2014
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Looks Like Portland is Finally Getting Salty AF About Portlandia

funny sign tweet Portland bookstore posts salty Portlandia sign
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She'll Be Writing Stewie/Brian Fanfic Soon

family guy grandma grandmother television TV - 6304642048
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Never Doubt a Cat's Ability to Ruin Your Life

rage pets TV Cats failbook g rated - 8394192384
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jimmy kimmel TV tweets celeb Video - 76817665

Celebrities are Still Reading Your Mean Tweets

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What the F**k Did This Kid's Show Just Say to Imagine I Am?!

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And It's All Over the Newspapers!

alaska oh snap TV witty reply - 4826425600
By ReverendVariable

Shop 'Til You Drop

shopping TV - 4644792832
By Sparky

First World Whining

facebook First World Problems television tumblr TV twitter - 6149673216
By Unknown

Nickelodeon's BRAND NEW Shows!

90s cartoons nickelodeon television TV - 6304151552
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television TV - 6405935872
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Are They All About Planes or Something?

breaking bad tv shows TV pilot lost - 7924105216
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IT's Always a Rerun in Our Hearts

facepalm futurama TV - 8306986240
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Let's Get Back to the REAL Issues!

ferguson facepalm TV television - 8387127040
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Captain Britain May Be Getting a Marvel TV Series

superheroes marvel tv Captain Britain May Be Getting a Marvel TV Series
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