Beware That Dangerous Chemical Dihydrogen Monoxide!

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Do You Want It Toasted?

Text - 14 3 Like Comment Share 2 hours ago near Kingwood, Virginia To this day, the boy that used to bully me at school still takes my lunch money. On the plus side, he makes great subway sandwiches 4 Unlike Comment 82 II

In Alaska, You Either Eat Fresh or Get Wrecked

alaskan subway store gets wrecked by woman on drugs
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The Subway "Umm" Challenge

food Subway - 6455596544

Time to Reevaluate Your Influences

funny memes senior quote and hero bill cosby jared from subway

Drunkie See, Drunkie Do

drunk Subway vomit - 5671242752
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We Don't Play Around Here

twitter sandwich Subway - 8121968128
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karma Subway win - 4977388800
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Lord Subway Demands an Apology

Subway tweet twitter - 6297871872

They're Everywhere!

facebook poorly dressed Subway logo g rated - 8315732480
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weird stuff seen on the subway

Strange and Freaky Moments on the Subway

Just a regular commute.
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I Like That There Are Options

subway, pleasure, sign, sandwich
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Jared is My Homeboy

Subway - 6582376960
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Subway has brutal response to guy on Twitter after he asks for free subs if he gets enough retweets.

Subway Grills Guy on Twitter Trying to Score Free Subs For Retweets

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Subway Does That to Me Too

Subway pooping failbook - 5166410752
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Random Facebook Pictures: The Best Source of News

thats-racist hoax Subway - 8176916736
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