I Think You Can Guess How It'll Go

Sad funeral - 4952634112
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You Will Never Feel More Shame

depressing funny Sad dating - 8159607296
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An Annotated Guide to Not Being an Annoying Attention Hound

attention failbook flowchart g rated Sad - 6121775872
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Sad disney movies reactions pixar - 1175557

Gritty Cars 3 Trailer Debuts and Everyone On Twitter Is Crying Their Eyes Out Right Now

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Sad twitter Memes celeb - 249604

Social Media Fail of the Day: Bill Cosby Meme Backfires on Twitter

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You Can't Roll Back Those Wasted Years

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Sad girlfriend cheating dating - 1665797

Unfaithful Girlfriend Has Epic Fail, Accidentally Sends Soul-Crushing Text to Boyfriend About Plans to Cheat on Him

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They Say That Girlfriends Are Full of Vitamins and Minerals

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That Painter Sadness

Sad twitter painting - 8970173952
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Somebody Stop That Shopper!

ice cream Sad shopping twilight - 5840269312
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Moments of failure and chaos | bulldozer flipped over and stuck in a ditch hole in the ground | knocked over cartons of eggs yolk spilled on the floor

Misfortune Monday: The World is Unpredictable

It's impossible to prepare for everything.
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That's Why I Use It Every Day

toothbrush sad puns That's Why I Use It Every Day
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Maybe Some People Shouldn't Have Pets

dogs pets Sad vet failbook - 8416665856
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Organs, Organs for Sale!

Sad gross spelling failbook - 8219481344
Created by Emily Heatherly

Quit Trying to Better me, Ads!

ads facebook ads Sad - 6068235264
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Instagram of the Day: Take the Most Depressing Tour of the World's Bleakest Places from Your Phone

Sadtopographies is the sad tour of the world's most depressing places.
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