STD  aka Sexually Transmitted Diseases, are infections that can be spread by various sexual activities. 

A Quick Sex-Ed Lesson is in Order

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Trying to Pin Down Where You Got that STD

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Be Sure to Disinfect That Burn

Text - 26 minutes ago near can't...stop...EATING!! Like Comment Promote < Ex BF worms? 22 minutes ago Like wouldn't be the first thing you gave me about a minute ago Like Nice Lileo
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Does TMI Mean Nothing to You People?

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What We're Trying to Say Is That You Have a Tiny Wang

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Thanks, Dwight

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I Don't Think That Means What You Think It Means...

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Of Love and Herpes

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Going in Raw Dog

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Santa Stuffed Something Very Special into Your Stocking...

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If Only the Truth Spread as Quickly

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Thank Goodness All Your Facebook Friends Know You're Clean!

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STD 2.0

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